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Mileage Reward £75 contribution

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Limited £75 discount for Renault Austral customers

For a limited time, Renault UK will contribute £75 towards your Renault Insurance premium for your new Austral when you select our complimentary Mileage Reward option. Using open R-link connectivity, Mileage Reward takes your mileage data directly from your Austral without the need for a fitted device, and rewards low mileage drivers with money back.

How does Mileage Reward work?

  • You pay your Renault Insurance motor premium as normal (monthly or a lump sum)
  • If you select the complimentary Mileage Reward option, you’ll receive £75 off your motor insurance premium as a limited offer
  • There’s no need for a black box or device – your connected car will automatically tell us your mileage
  • At the end of the year we’ll refund £25 for each 1,000 miles your recorded mileage is below 10,000 miles
  • The maximum rebate you can receive is 50% of your motor insurance premium
  • There’s no penalty if you exceed 10,000 miles

For example, if your mileage at the end of the policy year was 3,500 miles:

  • You would get £150 rebate as long as you had paid at least £300 motor insurance premium.
  • If you had paid less than £300 motor insurance premium you would get 50% of it back.

Who can apply?

Retail customers buying a new Renault Austral from a Renault Franchise Dealer.

How to apply

Qualifying customers will have the option to select or deselect the Mileage Reward product when their insurance quote price is presented online. To take advantage of the £75 discount, simply select the Mileage Reward option. Alternatively, you can call us on 0330 102 8833.

Terms and conditions

Click here to see the Mileage Reward terms and conditions. These apply in addition to your insurance policy terms and conditions.


Need help?

0330 102 8833

Our call centre is open, so one of our advisors can call you right away.

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